About PassiveTec®


PassiveTec® is jointly owned by Sheffield Insulations Group (SIG) and PFP Fire Systems Ltd. Both companies are committed to the development of the brand to meet the needs of passive fire protection professionals with the most innovative and cost effective solutions.

The combination of the scale and industry credibility of SIG along with the commercial and technical know how of PFP Fire Systems brings an entirely new range of solutions across a wide range of applications. Already the brand offers highly competitive solutions in both duct and tunnel protection but several more innovative, industry challenging developments are on the way.

However, we don’t just develop products and solutions. We are committed to working with our customers and distributors to ensure we provide project and market specific tailoring to ensure we deliver value and satisfaction as a team. We know it is a tough and competitive environment so ‘off the shelf’ just isn’t good enough. That’s good because it gives us an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the long established players who just don’t take the same care as we do.

Working with us will give you all the benefits and comfort of dealing with a big, established industry player but at the same time, all the care and attention to your requirements you would expect from a dedicated specialist.

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