• PassiveTec® Ductliner is manufactured under strict quality control from magnesium oxide, refractory additives and finished with a fibre glass mesh on both faces.
  • PassiveTec® Ductliner for ventilation and smoke extraction ducts is the thinnest board available on the market tested for these applications. This provides not only substantial cost reductions but also crucial space savings.
  • The board can be painted if required without any adverse reaction or loss of performance. It is non-toxic and will continue to perform when saturated.


PassiveTec® Ductliner has been rigorously tested in European accredited laboratories to EN and other standards.

  • A1 non combustibility test classification in accordance with EN13501-1 and BS 476
  • Tested under EN 1366-1 Fire resistance test for service installations Part 1 : Ducts and BS 476 pt 24 Method for determination of the fire resistance of ventilation ducts and classification in accordance with EN 13501-3: EI 120 (ve, ho i←→o) S (type A and B – vertical and horizontal ducts)
  • Tested under EN 1366-8: FIRE RESISTANCE TESTS FOR SERVICE INSTALLATIONS: SMOKE EXTRACTION DUCTS (MULTI COMPARTMENT) and Classification in accordance with EN 13501-4: EI 120 S 1500 multi (type C ducts)

PassiveTec® Physical Properties
Fire performance non combustible A1 class
Density 950 kg/m3 ± 10 %
Thermal conductivity (W/m.K) 0,29
Thermal resistance (m2.K/W) 0,1
Lineal thermal expansion a (°K-1) - 3,1 x 10-5 (long) and - 4,1 x 10-5 (tran)
Electrical surface resistance [kΩ] 5,1
Bending strength. Modulus of rupture MORa (N/mm2) 4,7
Tensile strength parallel to faces: σ (kPa) 931
Tensile strength perpendicular to faces: σ (kPa)  1550
Determination of compression behavior. Breaking load (N) 25213
Lengthwise tolerance ± 2 mm
Widthwise tolerance ± 2 mm
Thickness tolerance -1 ± 2 mm
Edge straightness ≤ 0,1%
Water absortion 0.20g / cm3
Water vapour diffusion resistance µ:3,5

Values will vary according to different thicknesses. Some values quoted relate to internal testing across the size range. Individual test certificates are available upon request. We reserve the right to improve product performance at any time and without prior notice. Stricter board tolerances can be achieved to suit specific project requirements.