PassiveTec® Tunnel Projects

Heathrow Airport Tunnel

Heathrow Airport

London, UK

Design Consultants: WS Atkins

Supervising Consultants: Mott Macdonald

Main Contractors: BAM UK

Sub-Contractors: VVB Engineering Services

Installation: 24mm PassiveTec® Tunnel Liner, 9mm FRM boards, together with PassiveTec® HRAP adhesive paint.

Description: Complete turnkey design solution for all passive fire protection elements for walls and soffits (ceilings) for both cargo and main road tunnels.

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Tåsen Tunnel

Tåsen Tunnel


Main Contractors: Peab Norway

Specialist Contractors: Firesafe

Installation: 24mm PassiveTec® FRM boards and PassiveTec® XT Seal

Description: 24mm PassiveTec® Tunnel Liner and XT Sealant for the expansion joints, Fischer FNA II anchors and tunnel coating from Kapyfract AG.

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Fore Street Tunnel

Fore Street Tunnel

North London, UK

Main Contractors: VVB Engineering Ltd

Installation: 20mm PassiveTec® FRM boards

Description: Passive Fire Protection Cladding and all ancillary Fire Sealant systems.